Player Development Philosophy

Our goal at the Roswell Soccer Club is to implement a player development program for all youths particiapting in our programs.  It is important that the desire to win at young ages does not overcome our commitment to teaching the basic skills a player needs  as a foundation for long term success.  Our players will participate in an age and skill appropriate competitive environment. 

RSC will implement our development philosophy by following:
1)  Develop players to their full potential both on and off the field.

  • Technically
  • Tactically
  • Physically
  • Psychologically
  • Academically

2)  Provide quality coaching and training staff .

3)  Educate coaches, trainers, parents and players on the importance of development first and winning second.

4)  Seek higher competition for further development.  Winning and, therefore, promotions will be a by-product of the development being accomplished at the Roswell Soccer Club.

Program Standards


Coaches and trainers follow specific curriculum guidelines set by the Roswell Soccer Club Director of Coaching. This curriculum is in place to ensure that each coach and/ or trainer is knowledgeable of the specific curriculum for their age group and skill level.

Coaching Assignments

Coaches and trainers are assigned to specific age groups and/ or teams based on players needs, team needs and consistent with his/her experience, capabilities and understanding of age appropriate activities.

Player Evaluations

Coaches and player evaluations take place initially and regularly either verbally or with written documentation throughout the season. Formal evaluations take place at least once each season.