Post-Tryout Note

Post-Tryout Note

DOC Post Tryout Note:

I just want to take a minute to say thank you.

To all of the players and parents that participated in our tryouts, thank you very much for your time, effort and interest in our club.

To Aly, Jason, Anon and the RSC BOD members and managers that helped out throughout the tryout process, thank you!

To the City of Roswell Parks and Recreation Department, thank you for maintaining one of the best set of fields in the state: Grimes Bridge Park and Groveway Community Park.

To Mother Nature for a providing a beautiful week of weather, not a single rain out!

To the players that were not able to attend but would still like a tryout, please contact the coaches in your age group to find out if there are any spots available. See coaches list below.

Please be patient as the coaches now work to contact and confirm players. It can be a very long process and take up to 5 days to contact you. if you don't hear from us by day 6, please contact the coach in your age group or me.

Thanks again for taking part in our tryouts and I hope everyone has a great summer.

2007 Boys 13U Blue Classic 2 Quinton Hart
2007 Boys 13U Red Classic 3  Barry Burden
2007 Boys 13U White Classic 4 Dan Farnham
2006 Boys 14U Blue  National League Allan Davie
2006 Boys 14U Red Classic 2 Jeff Heidt
2006 Boys 14U White Classic 4 TBD
2005 Boys 15U Blue  National League Quinton Hart
2005 Boys 15U Red Classic 3  Mark Logan
2005 Boys 15U White Classic 4 Oswaldo Saravia
2004 Boys 16U Blue  Classic 1 Chris Merhoff
2004 Boys 16U Red Classic 3  Kom Momeni
2004 Boys 16U White Classic 4 Cesar Espinoza
2003 Boys 17U Blue  Classic 1 Mark Lomas
2003 Boys 17U Red  Classic 4 Cesar Espinoza
2001-02 Boys 18/19U Blue  Classic 1 Allan Davie
2007 Girls 13U Blue Athena A Chuck Ross 
2007 Girls 13U Red Athena B Dardan Latifi
2007 Girls 13U White Athena C Angel Pineda
2006 Girls 14U Blue National League George Stokes
2006 Girls 14U  Red Athena B Chuck Ross 
2006 Girls 14U White Athena C Chuck Ross 
2005 Girls 15U Blue National League Mark Lomas
2005 Girls 15U Red  Athena B George Stokes
2004 Girls  16U Blue Athena A Jason DeStefano
2002-03 Girls 17/18U Blue  Athena A Dannelle Lewandowski 
2001 Girls 19U Blue  National League Mark Lomas


Mike Farnham
Director of Coaching
Roswell Soccer Club
RSC Motto "Attitude Is Everything"