DOC Message - September 2015




September 2015 - DOC MESSAGE


Hello RSC Families,

Let me first start by saying, Welcome to the 2015 Season (yes, I know, a little late but better than never) I am grateful and excited that you have chosen RSC as your Soccer Family. Let’s make it a great year!

I LOVE this time of year. For the obvious reasons. Mother Nature bestows upon us such beautiful days to enjoy and because I have the beautiful game to enjoy each day. As a soccer player and coach for so much of my life, this time of year is so much like a New Year’s celebration. I enter with such anticipation and excitement for the opportunity to have another season of soccer to live. 

The ball is rolling full steam ahead. We could not do what we love to do without the hard work and spirited dedication of so many, such as: Aly Wade (Athletic Coordinator) and Jason Kearney (Athletic Supervisor) the RRPD staff, the City of Roswell, the RSC Board of Directors (Dannelle, Tim, Jeff, Lynn, Karen, John, Scott, Eric, Stephanie) the Coaching Staff, the Team Managers and Treasurers. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do to give the RSC families a tremendous and memorable experience in soccer.   

With almost 550 Select and Academy players, things are looking great. Add to that 100 Jr Academy Players and our REC program up to about 900 players from ages 2-18 years old, RSC just keeps on growing! We continue to retain more of our players and we’re adding more players from within Roswell and beyond. Thank you for your commitment and cooperation in helping to build such a wonderful place to live the game we love to play.

DOC Message for the Month: Read!

I would like to ask a favor. Read! Something I don’t do enough but every once in a while a book will come into my life and I find that I can’t put it down until I finish it. The two books recommended below provide so many important facts, stories and ideas that will help every parent to navigate the journey of being involved in YOUTH Sports. These books reinforce what I believe and they also reflect so much of what I see growing stronger every year at RSC. I found these books thought provoking, enlightening and extremely enjoyable and I hope you do too. So I ask once again. Do me a favor, do your kids a favor, do yourself a favor, read! 

See you on the pitch.

Coach Mike

Suggested Parent Reading

Changing the Game The Parents Guide to Raising Happy, High-Performing Athletes and Giving Youths Sports Back to Our Kids By John O’Sullivan


The Matheny Manifesto A Young Manager’s Old School Values to be Successful in Sports and Life By Mike Matheny