Jason DeStefano

Name: Jason DeStefano

Email:  jpdestefano@yahoo.com 

Coaching at RSC since: Fall 2015

2019-2020 Season: Girls 2004 Blue/Athena A and Boys 2008 Academy

Birthplace: Atlanta, GA

High School: Marietta High School, GA

College: College of Charleston, SC

Playing Experience: MNYSA Cobb Union and Concorde Select, U16 Team USA (Dana Cup, Holland Cup, Liege Cup, Minsk, Soviet Union), Atlanta Select '74, 4-time 1st Team All County, Georgia High School All-Senior Team, College of Charleston - NCAA Division 1.

Coaching License(s): USSF “D” 

Coaching Experience: RSC Santos Girls Academy and Select; RSC Santos Boys Academy, Ralph Lundy Soccer Academy-Summer Camp Staff; Private Coaching Sessions

Brief Paragraph about yourself:  Jason grew up in the metropolitan Atlanta area and played for several extremely influential coaches during his playing career (Dick Hahn, Phil Neddo, Mike Balson, Glen Tourville, Ralph Lundy) – all of whom helped develop his love for soccer while teaching lessons (sometimes harsh) about life. Having gained a wealth of knowledge from his mentors, Jason got into coaching with a desire to teach and instill the same passion into the next generation of young players. Jason chose to coach at Roswell Santos because he believes very strongly in the Santos Playing Philosophy – to be a possession-based team, building out of the back, changing the attack point often, and using creativity and deception to move the opposition and find seams and overloads in order to attack.