Alonso Rigg

Name:  Alonso L. Rigg



Birthplace:  Panama, Republic of Panama

High School: Colegio Militar Leoncio Prado (Lima, Peru)

College:  University of Panama, Northern Illinois University.

Playing Experience

·         Started playing at age 11 and continued through high school at La Salle School in Panama, Rep. of Panama and then in Lima Peru.

·         Played in ‘La Sociedad Espanola’ league from U13 until open division.  Twice made the team to represent the Club.

·         University of Panama Intramural Soccer.

·         Northern Illinois University Intramural Soccer.

·         Atlanta Men’s League Open division.

Coaching License(s):  State ‘D’ license

Coaching Experience:  U8 and U10 Girls Coach, Santos Recreational, February 2008 - May 2010, Roswell GA; U10 Boys Training Coach, Santos Academy, August 2010 - May 2011, Roswell GA; U14 Girls Coach, Santos Recreational, August 2012 – May 2013, Roswell GA

Coaching at RSC since 2009.

Brief Paragraph about yourself:  I love the game of Futbol (Soccer).  This game provides a setting for superior physical and psychological development.  Soccer develops the player in his/her function as an individual and as part of a team. Soccer should be taught to promote critical thinking, solidarity, collaboration, tolerance and fraternity among other values.  The result would be an improvement in playing and enjoying the game as well as the betterment of our community.